First United Door Technologies grew out of the ashes of another garage door company in 1982. Since then they have been providing unique, high-quality garage doors to those building homes across the United States and the world. Their bottom line is a desire to provide great doors at great prices, and they have been doing so with ease since they joined as a team.

Their offerings come in steel and wood options and work for both residential and commercial applications. Their high-quality wood doors are so unique that they have patented the process which they use to create them. This has led to a door offering which is structurally superior to anything else on the market. Called The Woodie, their doors include a steel core which means they can literally create any design that a customer can dream up. When your options are limitless, you can never walk away disappointed!

When it comes to their steel doors, there is just as much to be excited about. Their embossing is so high definition that it outshines all other panels on the market. Customers can, therefore, customize their design without spending a ton to do so, and this savings means you can get exactly what you want on budget and on time. When it comes to a gorgeous house, these steel doors don’t disappoint, and the Steel Carriage Door has led the way to beautify your home without sacrificing function.

What sets First United apart from the rest is true innovation. They consistently go above and beyond to invent new designs, construction techniques and material use that pushes their products to the cutting edge of the market. They have dozens of patents in place and more coming, and this continues to push them to strive to be the best of the best. When you want a door that you can rely on, looks amazing on your home and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, First United Door Technologies has exactly what you need.

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