Garage doors operate on a track system to allow them to raise and lower properly. When a garage door comes off the track, it can cause problems opening and closing the door. Since the garage serves as a barrier between your home and the outside world, this is something that needs to be addressed fairly quickly. Until this is fixed, weather, animals, and even people may have access to your garage and the valuables within.

Several issues could be causing the garage door to be off track. The track system is composed of rollers, brackets, and the actual track. Since there are many different components to the track mechanism, the failure could be in any of those areas.

Poor connections and loose parts could affect any area of the track. Also, tracks need to be lubricated in order to work properly. Lack of lubrication, or using an incorrect lubrication, could cause the garage door to come off track.

The tracks themselves could be coming off of the wall, due to loose brackets or connections. The tracks could also be bent, clogged, or misaligned. Bent and warped tracks could be caused by dents or damages. Depending on the extent of the damage, they may have to be replaced. Clogged tracks can be caused by an accumulation of dirt and materials in the track mechanism. Alignment of tracks is precise, and any misalignment can be determined with a level.

Whatever the problem that is causing a garage door to be off track, the best solution is to get a professional garage door repair company in your area out to fix it. Mishandling of bent, clogged, or misaligned tracks can cause further, and more costly, damage. By having a professional garage door repair company out to look at your issue, you can ensure that you keep yourself and your garage door safe.