The founder of Overhead Door invented both the upward-lifting garage door and the electric garage door opener. The company’s foundation in creating new products which meet the needs of customers has built them into a firm which is focused on providing the very best time and time again. They have the experience and skill to create products that exceed the competition in aesthetics, function, and efficiency.

Many people want another room for their home, but don’t have the money to build an extension. Instead, converting your garage is an easy way to create a new den, workshop or even a bedroom. Overhead Doors wants to help you achieve this renovation with their Thermacore garage doors. Their premium insulation is held in place by two steel skins, providing exceptional heat retention in the winter and heat blocking in the summer. Whether it’s raining or just windy, the thermal seals on this door protect you from the weather outside. It also includes weather sealing on the bottom of the door to ensure not a drop of rain permeates its protective enclosure. They don’t stop at making it protective, they also provide a durable finish that will look great no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. This door looks good, keeps your new room comfortable and dry, and is affordable, all at the same time!

If you’re just in the market to replace the door on your garage, they have many other options to help. From contemporary styles to traditional steel and carriage house designs, their huge portfolio offers something to fit the bill. No matter your price point or color choice, it’s easy to find the door you want from Overhead Door.

Overhead Door has been a leader in the field of garage doors and accessories since they were founded for a reason. Their exceptional offerings ensure that your home looks gorgeous while you don’t have to lift a finger to keep your garage door in tip-top shape. No matter what style the exterior of your home may by, they will have multiple designs which will increase its curb appeal. Installing an Overhead Door is the best way to keep your garage clean, safe and secure 24 hours a day.