Quality and dependability are job one at Raynor Manufacturing Company. When it comes to their garage doors, second best just won’t do. From their humble beginnings at the end of World War II, Raynor has continued to adhere to values of providing the best products to their customers. They also strive for innovation, being the first to offer translucent fiberglass doors and investing in their own trucking fleet to reduce damage in transit. Whatever the needs of their customer might be, Raynor has found a way to meet and exceed them.

Raynor’s line of garage doors is intentionally small as they want to put the greatest effort into each design, manufacturing every door to exceed current standards. For example, the RockCreek steel carriage house doors take the most popular design and make it simple to care for. Vinyl coated, the look of the door doesn’t fade or chip away, and the use of environmentally stable materials means the door requires no maintenance by the homeowner. These doors are also environmentally friendly, reusing reclaimed wood fibers to reduce the need to cut down trees.

If you are looking for a variety of colors to choose from, most manufacturers let you down. Sure, you can buy beige, white, or cream, but what if you want red, purple or blue? With ArmorBrite Powdercoat Finishes, Raynor allows you to choose from 187 different colors. Whether you want periwinkle, raspberry, marigold or mint, you are guaranteed to find the perfect hue to match or contrast your home.

Raynor’s commitment to their customer is something you just don’t find with other companies. They consistently identify the problems their customers complain about and find a solution as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter if the solution is hard to implement, Raynor does it. Buying a garage door from a firm who truly wants you to be happy makes sense, and Raynor is that company.

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