After 60 years in business, Safe-Way Garage Doors has become a leader in their field. With great expansion since day one, this company has secured their place as a company which never sits on its laurels. Every time they have found a way to innovate they have gone for it, and the result is a huge product line which offers the customer a selection which ensures every need is met.

Their residential offerings include wood and steel, provided in fifteen different styles. Traditionalists will love their steel designs, which come with a variety of panel styles and window selections. In fact, with over fifty different windows available, there is no way you will be left wanting more! They also offer more colors than just the neutrals the competition provides, with a gorgeous hunter green available on Models 65 through 69.

If you are looking for the most modern design available, the popular Carriage House doors will fit the bill. The Sophisticate door provides a gorgeous design at a price which won’t decimate your budget. Crafted from steel, this door is both durable and maintenance-free, meaning you can literally install it and not have to tend to it again. A huge variety of window, hinge and color options mean that this design will fit the look of any home. The next option is the Patrician, an insulated door which offers noise reduction features. This design provides six colors, 11 hardware choices, and 21 different windows, so again, you can’t go wrong. Lastly, the Presidential series is truly top of the line. It is a layered construction which provides the greatest durability and longevity on the market. With a premium vinyl finish to protect the exterior, the look won’t fade for the life of the door. Investing in this high-quality product will promise you the least amount of effort for the longest lasting device.

Safe-Way Garage Doors works hard to keep their customers happy. In fact, their current dedication to “going green” from their packaging to their door materials proves their commitment not just to those who buy from them, but to the Earth itself. One of the few companies to strive to be more environmentally friendly, Safe-Way is a safe choice as they have a reputation for being trustworthy, helpful and kind to the world.

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