Nothing is more frustrating than coming home from work after a long day, your car is filled with groceries and it’s pouring down rain. You get to your garage door, push the remote and nothing happens. Now you are stuck out in the rain, wet and tired. You now have to unload the car in the rain and carry all the bags up the steps into the house.

Most people have not Do It Yourself people. You push the remote you expect it to work. Sure you can check to see if the power is on that is an easy fix if that’s the cause of your failed garage door remote. For those of you who don’t know the business end of a screwdriver if the power is working and not the cause of the problem its best to call a professional to figure out what has happened.

Things that can cause your garage door remote not to work are usually the garage door motor. Everything today has a circuit board that consists of a plastic housing and wire terminals. These circuit boards are easily damaged in lightning strikes or power surges. Once they are damaged they need to be replaced so your motor will work.

Another common problem with garage door motors is stripped gears. You will still hear the motor trying to run but the door will not open. If you remove the motor case and look inside your motor you might see small plastic shaving inside this is a good indication of stripped gears. This will cause the motor not to lift or shut the garage door. You will still hear it running but it can’t work properly without the gears.

A burned out motor could be another problem. If you turn it on and you don’t hear any sound then it is possible the motor has just burned out. Like any running engine, they only last so long and parts go bad. It is best to call a professional if this is the case. The garage door is the biggest moving part of your home; it can be very dangerous if it isn’t working right.