When garage doors do not close properly it presents a real problem for homeowners. Garage doors are a barrier to the outdoors, protecting your car and valuables from weather, animals, and people with bad intentions. Openings allow your items to be damaged, or even removed, fairly easily. Due to this, any trouble with garage doors closing needs to be handled right away.

The first step in getting this problem resolved is to identify the source of the problem. There could be several reasons why the door is not closing properly. These include problems with the sensor and electrical connections, problems with the track, a faulty garage door opener, or poor lubrication.

The garage door sensors have built-in safety mechanisms to prevent the door from closing if there is anything that may be in the way of the door coming down. Obviously, if there is something in the way the door would be prevented from going down. However, the sensors could malfunction because they are dirty or have damaged wires.

Garage doors work on a track system that holds them in place as they are raised and lowered. Another possible reason for an improperly closed door could be a track that is damaged in some way. A track can be loose, bent, or even clogged. Any of these issues would prevent the door from going down.

A faulty garage door opener may also be the cause of a garage door that will not close properly. It contains a limit switch that tells the motor when to stop running. It is essentially a safety mechanism, and this switch may need to be reset in order for the garage door to function correctly.

Garage doors also have working parts that require lubrication. It is important not to use just any lubricant or oil that you have available on your garage door. Ask a professional garage door repair company for recommendations on the best lubricant for your particular door.

When fixing a garage door that will not close properly it is best to get a professional garage door repair company out to assess the problem. When dealing with electrical components, tracks, and lubrication, it’s important that you have a professional to ensure your safety and to ensure that no further damage is done to the garage door. Neglecting this step can lead to more costly repairs later on.