Garage door sensor problems seem to pop up out of nowhere. Your door may not open, not close, or bounce back and forth between the two. While this problem is driving you crazy, you were smart enough to go online to seek a solution thankfully. Let’s run through some of the possibilities for why your garage door is acting weirdly.

Your garage door sensors are obviously very sensitive, so the slightest obstruction can cause major issues. Your first step is to locate the sensors and move everything which is nearby. You may be surprised that something which seems to be out of the way is potentially the problem. Move literally everything and test the door to find out if the issue is a simple obstruction, then put things back one by one to ensure you don’t just block the sensor again.

Once you have moved nearby objects, you should also clean the sensor. Using a soft towel dampened in warm water mixed with dish detergent, wipe the sensor gently. Don’t soak the towel as you don’t want water to get inside the sensor. Also, be sure to wipe the entire face of the sensor and the sides as well, just to be sure it is completely clean. Once done, you can allow it to air dry. Do this at the change of each season to keep your sensor in top working condition.

If these quick fixes fail to improve the situation, call a professional garage door repair company for help. Sometimes the wires inside a sensor loosen or break, or the sensor unit can simply fail due to exposure to the elements. A professional can fix the sensor itself or quickly replace it, saving you time and money. In order to keep yourself safe and comfortable, hiring an expert is your best bet.