Garage Door Panel Replacement in Phoenix, AZ

There are many designs and styles of garage door panels. When you are contemplating garage door replacement, you will want to be sure that every detail is well attended to. Measurements must be taken correctly, and the right materials and style of garage door must be chosen.

For this reason, you want to hire the professionals at Phoenix Garage Master to assist you in this process. Our garage technicians are licensed and experienced when it comes to replacing garage door panels.

If you’re interested in getting new garage door panels, here are the four most common designs in garage door panels:

    Flush-A simple style that matches and blends in naturally with its surroundings.
    Short-raised panels are a nice choice for structurally intricate architecture. They create an appearance of depth to the door’s face.
    Long raised panels also add depth and drama to the appearance of the structure.
    Painted panels add color coordination and a custom touch to your home.

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