Carriage house garage doors are modeled off of historic carriage house, or barn doors, but have the conveniences of modern engineering and remotes. When looking at these doors, it appears as though they swing outward with side hinges. Some of them may also appear to slide open or fold, however, they do have an overhead roll-up the format in modern applications.

Carriage house garage doors are unique in that they bring a historic element to your home. They are retro, reminding people of a time when horses were the primary mode of transportation. This makes them essential in historic homes, but they are also beautiful additions to new construction and existing homes.

Although they were originally made of wood, carriage house garage doors are currently made in a variety of materials and finishes, including wood, steel, aluminum, composite materials, fiberglass, and vinyl. They are offered with windows and without, and have many window designs, colors, and hardware options available as accents. This style of door adds a dynamic, high-end architectural element to a home.

Carriage house garage doors look different from standard raised panel garage doors that are available. They increase the curb appeal of the homes they are installed in while offering the same security, construction, and low maintenance elegance. They provide an upscale look that is different from the rest of the homes in the area. Although they are considered more lavish than the average garage door, there is a carriage house garage door available to meet every budget for every home.

Carriage house doors are a timeless, beautiful option, which will enhance a home’s exterior with character and increased value. They offer low maintenance durability and convenience at a moderate price. Undoubtedly, the multitude of options in materials and design contribute to making them the leading choice for homeowners today.

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