So, your neighbors have contemporary garage doors, but what does that really mean? You hear it discussed on home design television shows, or see it mentioned in magazines, but they never explain what they’re talking about. If you want to know what contemporary garage doors are, let us provide you with some information on the topic.

Contemporary means modern, but that doesn’t really shed much light on the subject. Typically, it means what is popular right now, so the kind of garage doors that people are installing the most. That said, what if vintage designs are in vogue? Depending on the context, they could still be considered contemporary. Sadly, this just leads to more confusion.

In some contexts, contemporary will be in reference to the style of the design. That means a look which appears to be “futuristic”, clean cut, minimal, or uses cutting edge materials. For example, an all-glass garage door would be considered contemporary because it takes modern engineering to make it happen. A door which uses a new material, something which hasn’t been used in the past, is also potentially contemporary. So the look or the construction can lead to a door being considered contemporary.

Today, the most popular door is the Carriage House style. This is a throwback to barn doors, but it is still the most purchased option today. Some may say it is contemporary because it is in vogue, while others will say that the fact that it is constructed with steel or aluminum or reclaimed wood makes it contemporary as the original doors would have been made with wood planks recently cut from tree trunks. As you can see, the contemporary is subjective and typically in the eye of the beholder.

The bottom line is that anyone can call anything contemporary if they feel they have a reason to. You should not rely on the term to guide your purchase of a garage door, instead, you need to find a design which you personally fall in love with. Continue to check out your options and research the market to ensure you make the right purchase decision.

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