There are many different types, sizes, and styles of garage doors. One style of garage door is the raised panel style. This style is one of the most popular in America and has become a classic symbol of the American home. The design of the door features a panel design, where each panel is brought forward from a recessed edge. The effect gives the garage door definition and style. There are two types of raised panel garage doors: long and short. Long-raised panel garage doors have rectangular panels that extend across the width of the door, and Short-raised panel garage doors have smaller panels that cover the door’s surface, which is typically square in shape. Raised panel garage doors are usually made of steel or fiberglass and come in a wide variety of designs to fit the exterior design of any home. The panels, or their recessed edges, can also be painted for a more vibrant effect.

Other types of garage doors are recessed panels, where the edge is raised and the interior of the panel is recessed; flush panels, where there is no raised edge or panel; and carriage house garage doors, which mimic an antique style of the garage door with windows and door handles. A more modern design for a garage door would be the accent plank garage door, which creates the look of a wooden door for a contemporary style home.

Garage doors can be single, double or even triple-layered, depending on the homebuyers need for economy or insulation. A triple-layered door provides more in the way of security, soundproofing, insulation, and damage, but a single-layered door is the most economical choice based on price alone. Garage doors are important to the look and value of any home. A raised panel garage door can be especially useful in improving the look of a home’s exterior, as it presents opportunities for a unique style or style matching. The panels and their edges can be painted and repainted to compliment the rest of the home or make it stand out from the crowd in the rest of the neighborhood.