The wildlife of Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale's wildlife is one of Arizona's finest

One thing we should all understand is that Scottsdale, Arizona is very hot and a quite diverse location. Most parts are deserts, and since most animals love roaming freely in their place, you’ll meet several wildlife creatures here. The rule you MUST follow is that you should keep a safe distance from them and DO NOT to feed them as some food may turn out poisonous to them or get in their way. I know it’s all fun and exciting seeing animals close, but please maintain your cool and enjoy them from afar.

So if you’re an animal lover, there is a diverse selection of wildlife to admire, from mammals and birds, to reptiles and even rare nocturnal  species.

While adventuring here, you get a special opportunity to witness all these first – hand and see all the wildlife creatures with your own two eyes.

Is there anything close to this feeling, really?

The animals you’ll most definitely see in wildlife attraction centers such as fountain hills, desert mountain, southwest wildlife conservation center, pinnacle peak park, sunrise peak trail, and several others, include

• Snakes
• Mountain lions
• Mule deer
• Coyotes
• Javelinas
• Bobcats, etc.


The warm climates in Scottsdale make it favorable for all reptiles to exist, snakes being one of them. There are several species of snakes living in Scottsdale, Arizona, but the most common one is the diamondback rattlesnake. To identify this kind of species, look at the white line on their back with a diamond pattern. Their rattles, too, sell them away.
Rattlesnakes are venomous when they bite you, so be extra careful around them. They are quite defensive, too; you wouldn’t want to rattle with a snake because you may end up dead if you get bit.
You will meet other species of Rattlesnakes here, including the Arizona black, tiger, Sonoran Sidewinder, Northern Black-tailed, and Southwestern Speckled rattlesnakes. The best thing to do if you meet one is just to let them go.

In the case you or someone else you’re with are bit by any snake:
 – DO NOT try to suck out the venom. It’s already in the bloodstream and you will only get the wound infected
– try to remain calm and stay still.
– call 991 immediately and try to get to the nearest hospital.

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Mountain lions

They are large and have strength and speed, so getting away from them could be problematic. Mountain lions live on a carnivorous diet. When they spot their prey, they will hide and walk slowly until they ambush them even from a considerable distance. These animals can also jump, like 18ft high and 40ft long.
Though dangerous, these animals rarely attack humans. All they need is their own space. It is without a doubt that mountain lions live in Scottsdale. As residents here, you should not leave food or water outside your home as those are what attract them. They usually go to human residential areas looking for what to eat and drink, and if they find any in your home, they will hide and definitely stay for long.
Mountain lions mainly feed on deer but can also eat other smaller animals like cats, rabbits, according to The National Wildlife Federation, and domestic livestock such as sheep, cows, and goats. This means that if your outdoor is home to any of these animals, then you’ll be inviting mountain lions over for a feast.
The water bodies such as a fish pond, swimming pool, and fountain in your compound can also draw them in your home, especially during summer seasons. Just like any other living thing, they need drinking water to survive.

Mountain lion on Scottsdale golf course


There are two types of deer species in Arizona, desert mule deer, and Coues whitetail deer. To identify a mule deer, just look at their ears because they are mule-like. They have a rump and are brown. Here’s one interesting fact about male deers; during fall and summer, they grow antlers but later shed them in the spring season. They lack upper teeth, and so they only feed on vegetation.
The best times to see them are in summer and spring. During these seasons, deers raise fawns and are generally relaxed. Another best time to visit is during their breeding period, which happens in January and December. So, if watching deers is one of the activities on your bucket list, you know when to visit Scottsdale.
To increase your chances of watching these beautiful wildlife creations, go to the park very early in the morning or late in the evening. These are the times deers are on the trail feeding, drinking water, or walking to their temporary beds to sleep.

femal mule deer in Scottsdale


These creatures are all over Scottsdale. Their population is big, and they are the most famous animals in the whole of Arizona. They sure have an exceptional talent to run. Coyotes can run as first as 40 mph. These remarkable creatures are harmless to humans; no wonder people here live with them peacefully. However, they can attack small animals like dogs and birds in your compound.
Coyotes feed mainly on little wide animals like rodents, reptiles, and small deers. Another fact about coyotes is that they mate for life. Also, wild coyotes can live up to 14 years, while those in captivity live much longer, like 20 years. Get these and other interesting facts about these dog-like creatures here.


These creatures look like wild boar. Their nose looks like those of pigs, have short legs, medium in size, and have dark hair all over their body. Javelinas eat mainly a herbivorous diet from native plants such as prickly pear and agave. They may also eat reptiles and rodents if in a situation.
You can quickly identify javelinas, even from a distance, because of their sharp canine teeth that protrude outside. Javelinas live and walk as a large family.


Though these animals are all over Scottsdale, AZ, seeing them is likely impossible. They have a stealthy lifestyle and hunt only at night for food and other necessities. Though they usually move slowly, they can run up to 30miles/hour.

Female bobcats can give birth to up to three kittens and then protect and care for them until they become independent.

Transportation and Getting Around Scottsdale, AZ

There are four trolley routes with a free to ride system and a connection to access the Phoenix metro area through a transit system for Valley Metro. The transit provides public transportation through bus services to and from the city.
There are Uber and Lyft services that you can access using apps. You can also try rideshare. Another mode of transport in the city available on the app is electronic scooters.
Golf-cart taxis are a legal and common way to get around town. There are those created to provide historic tours specifically and have trained staff. Another transport mode is the E-Bike. The electric bikes are available for rent, and you can control the pedaling as per your preference.
Go Rentals also provide luxurious rides from quality brands such as Tesla, Porsche, Audi, and Ferrari. Most hotels also offer shuttles to drive customers around and to the airport.On the side of retail, outlets such as independent boutiques and shopping areas are very common. The Fashion Square Mall is among the top-visited. The city is also a Centre for arts and crafts.
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