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Clopay Building Products has amazing beginnings as a provider of black-out shades during World War I. From there, they never stopped meeting customer needs and creating innovative new products that shook the market to its core. From being a leader in the movement from wood to steel garage doors to being the first to produce leaded-look windows, Clopay is truly ten steps ahead of the rest of the market. Consistently the fastest growing garage door brand, this company has no intention of ever slowing down.

Clopay’s doors use all of the materials you can imagine, from wood and steel to aluminum and glass. They even offer new wood options which are maintenance-free, yet look like the real thing. Panel configurations number in the dozens, leading to a custom look without a custom price tag. They offer a huge variety of hardware, panels, and colors to choose from, so when you know what you want, you will get it. The door of your dreams can easily be achieved with Clopay’s product line.

When it comes to offerings you can afford, Clopay is consistently adding ever more beautiful and functional options. For example, their Value line not only offers a great looking door but the greatest safety standards available. Not only do they create good looking doors which don’t blow your budget, but these same doors are maintenance free, meaning you don’t have to spend another penny on them down the road. When it comes to their window options, they continue to offer only the best with windows that appear to be cut glass but are actually affordable. They even have carriage house designs which fit any budget. With Clopay, you pay less and get more.

Clopay’s tagline, “We Look Right At Home”, is no exaggeration. Their doors are attractive and affordable, utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing methods and materials to ensure you get the door to your dreams. While other companies may offer wide ranges of traditional doors, Clopay insists on providing innovative new products that push the boundaries of what is possible. For your home, nothing less will do.

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