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General FAQ

We answer some of the most popular questions our customers have for us below. At Phoenix Garage Masters, we want to make sure you know when to call us. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) offers insights into your problems. Please note, however, that our FAQ does not replace a professional assessment. In most cases, a door malfunction requires a professional opinion to get to the heart of the issue.

A garage tune-up includes a thorough examination of the screws, springs, hinges, and other hardware of your door. We recommend that you schedule regular tune-ups with Phoenix Garage Masters so that we can replace any worn parts. Regular maintenance can prevent needing to replace your door too early. A tune-up prepares you for a necessary garage door repair.

On average, a garage door repair costs around $250. However, the cost can depend on several factors. A garage door repair may be less if it does not require an expensive hardware replacement, but it also may cost more for some brands.

Phoenix Garage Masters works with four great brands. We recommend Wayne Dalton, Amarr, Clopay, and Unique Garage Doors as four of the leading garage door brands in America. If you are interested in learning more about any of those brands, you can head over to our brands to view more about our selected manufacturers.

Phoenix Garage Masters works with selected manufacturers to provide the best options to our customers. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your door, its installation, or any repair work completed by our technicians, we urge you to contact us. We promise that we will do everything that we can to make things right.

Phoenix Garage Masters answers every single call and will have a repairman at your house before the day is over. We guarantee that you will have same-day service to take care of your issue. Our team works evenings and weekends to take care of emergency calls that require immediate relief.

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What's wrong with my garage?

From Faulty springs to bent door. Garage door mechanisms have many moving parts and a lot of them can break or jam if not properly installed and maintained.
check out this FAQ to foigure out exactly whats wrong with your garage door. 

The first indication that something is malfunctioning is when your door refused to go up. This problem generally relates to many factors, including dirty eyes, a blocked path, loose wires, or more. Phoenix Garage Masters suggests calling us as soon as you have this problem. We can send someone to immediately get to the bottom of the issue and get your door working again.

A door to a garage can go off its track on its own or due to random accidents. The simple fix after your door has come off its track is to locate the wheels causing the problem and bring them back onto the track. Phoenix Garage Masters warns against homeowners trying this on their own. Improper handling of the door or wheels may cause irreversible damage that makes replacing your door the only option.

It can be startling when your door does not go up, but you can hear the garage door opener humming or making some other noise. This situation usually means that your garage door opener has a working battery. In many cases, noise from a garage door opener but no movement indicates that a drive gear or screw drive coupler. This hardware is prone to wearing out over time, so it is not an uncommon garage door opener repair.

A common issue is when your garage door opener blinks, but the door does not go down. This situation usually points to some problem with the safety sensors that prevent the door from closing over people or objects. If the garage door opener continues to blink and nothing is obstructing the path, Phoenix Garage Masters looks at whether the safety sensor eyes are misaligned. Our team can test these sensors and fix this issue with a simple garage door opener repair.

Your door might start making a loud noise for several reasons. A simple fix for this situation is to tighten the nuts and bolts on your door, which may stop rattling on the rails. We also suggest adding lubrication to the rollers or springs. Phoenix Garage Masters recommends calling if your door opens too quickly, moves with difficulty, or the rollers derail. Sometimes this problem can be solved with a garage door spring repair.

The most common problem when your remote stops working for your door is that you need to replace the batteries! However, if you change the batteries and your remote still will not work, Phoenix Garage Masters suggests giving us a call. Our trained technicians can troubleshoot this garage door opener repair.

Phoenix Garage Masters is familiar with this type of issue with the garage door opener. When a wall button isn’t responding, we usually assume that it is an issue with the wiring. This is not a very complicated device, but when it stops working this can cause a lot of problems. While you can try resetting your system or manually opening your door, it is best to call professionals for a proper diagnosis.

When a door is crooked, the likely issue is a broken torsion spring. The two overhead springs that help open and close the door can sometimes wear down. A garage door spring repair can solve this problem without you needing a completely new door! Phoenix Garage Masters always suggests calling us when you have a crooked door. This is a large-scale type of garage door spring repair that requires an expert opinion, so look for us as the garage door repair near me.

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