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world's quietest garage doors with one of a kind super quiet hinge and roller system

unique garage door

Unique Garage Doors focuses on creating garage doors that will last a lifetime. They encourage customers to be an active participant in the construction and design process by choosing their construction type and selecting the design that suits their home best.

Every door purchased from Unique Garage Doors includes super quiet hardware with a one-of-the-kind hinge and roller system. This system ensures that every door opens and closes without making lots of noise. Unique Garage Doors’ hinges, bearing plates, struts, and brackets are bigger and stronger by design.

The Unique Garage Doors catalogue includes classic or modern design options. Choose a wood-like model from the Wood-Like Custom Steel Series for a beautiful dark or light wood finish. The Elegant Iron Series features windows with plenty of options for iron decorations.

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The interconnected parts and mechanisms that help make garage doors quickly and easily go up and down can develop problems related to age, weather, and accidents. Check out our handy, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to learn more about what might be hindering the performance of your door.