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The talented team at Phoenix Garage Masters is available to anyone looking for garage door repair near me in the Scottsdale area. Phoenix Garage Masters is the place to call for garage door repair Scottsdale AZ. Our team has worked with problems associated with wear and tear due to weather and time.

You can also call us today to schedule the installation of a new door or maintenance of your current one. Our team guarantees to install a new door to your garage right the first time. They also promise to keep your door running safely and reliably year-after-year. So, when you search for garage door repair near me, try the best source of garage door repair Scottsdale.

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Phoneix Garage Master technicians are capable of fixing an array of issues. So you can save up on replacing broken parts


Weather and usage cause wear and tear with every mechanical system. There is no need to replace the whole system every time something breaks down. lets fix your garage
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Incorrect installation spells trouble down the line. Install right the first time and enjoy your system as it should work


From first installing your garage door to upgrading a hand - operated system to a mechanical or electrical one. Do it right and safe the first time and avoid the complications that might arise
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Just like with your home and car, a well maintained garage is a happy garage that lasts for years. let's make sure you are in good operating order.


Weather seals, cable replacments and spring tention need to happen seasonaly in order to ensure smooth operation and prevent injuries.
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The interconnected parts and mechanisms that help make garage doors quickly and easily go up and down can develop problems related to age, weather, and accidents. Check out our handy, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to learn more about what might be hindering the performance of your door.