Top 10 Garage Door Openers

Considering to buy a new garage door opener? This article goes through the top 10 available for you to buy. 
Now all you need to do, is choose!

Most Scottsdale homeowners hardly give their garage door openers a second thought until it is time to change them. Garage openers may vary in design or from one manufacturer to the next, but all serve the same basic function. There are multiple garage openers, including the belt drive, chain drive, direct-drive, DC-powered openers, Jackshaft-drive and Screw-drive openers, each with its unique mode of operation. This article takes an insightful look at some of the top garage door openers around Scottsdale and what they entail.

1. Genie SilentMax Connect (3053-TV)

This garage door opener is fully equipped with smart features and is arguably the best in this smart category. This opener comes with added functionality that allows users to link it to Alexa Assistant and Google Smart Home devices. Its smart features allow the user to remotely control and monitor their garage door from their mobile device’s comfort, through an app, or via voice control. Its robust rail system is reinforced with steel and designed to be extremely quiet.

Genie SilentMax Connect (3053-TV)
BeamUP Workhorse BU100

BeamUP Workhorse BU100

The BeamUP BU100 garage door opener is extremely budget-friendly and easy to install. For an amenable price, you will get a competent garage door opener accompanied by numerous accessories. It is also compatible with garage doors of different sizes and configurations. Its operation is based on a heavy-duty motor and a robust chain drive. This opener is fitted with energy-efficient LED lighting for security. Homeowners can also use it for smart applications through HomeLink, Apple Watch, and Alexa assistant.

LiftMaster Elite Series 8500

This unique garage door opener uses Jackshaft technology and is typically mounted on the wall and not the ceiling. This feature makes it ideal for use with a sectional garage door and not the usual roll-up doors you would see around Scottsdale. You will also need to install a torsion bar system (front mount). This wall mount feature adds to its quiet operation and is supported by the P3 motor. It is also fitted with a light beam that is triggered by the unit’s motion detectors. It can be operated via myQ or an accompanying remote.

LiftMaster 850 Elite Series
chamberlain b1381

Chamberlain B1381

Scottsdale homeowners love this Chamberlain Bright LED garage opener for its impeccable quality and innovative features. This garage door opener can be controlled via a smartphone, using the myQ app, and comes with an additional LED bulb that can properly light up your garage. The Chamberlain B1381 checks all the boxes thanks to its accessories, including safety sensors, a wireless keypad, car remotes, and a wall-mounted control panel. Its operation makes use of a steel belt drive that is exceptionally quiet and effortless. It even comes with a backup battery for when there is no power.

Chamberlain B550

Much like the B1381, the B550 has a high-quality belt drive reinforced with steel making it ideal for a garage door in Scottsdale. The manufacturer guarantees long-term service with quiet and effortless performance thanks to its MED Lift Power System. This garage door opener also has intuitive smart features that allow for remote operation and monitoring. It can be linked to the user’s smartphone through the myQ app. It comes with a wireless keypad and two remotes that have a wide range.

chamberlain b550
Skylink Atoms ATR-1723BKW

Skylink Atoms (ATR-1723BKW)

The Atoms ATR-1723BKW is arguably one of the quietest openers on the market today. It makes use of an innovative belt drive that is supported by a rugged DC motor. The LED light fitted on this unit is extremely convenient and covers the whole garage. Through the Orbit app and the unit’s Wi-Fi capabilities, you can link the opener to the Scottsdale homeowner’s smartphone. This link allows for remote garage door operation and monitoring with real-time notifications. It comes with two remotes (password protected), an LCD wall control panel, a wireless keypad, and a secure drive system. Additionally, it is designed to automatically close after a set period, ideal for Scottsdale’s homes.

Chamberlain B4545 Secure View

This garage door opener is fitted uniquely with a 360-degree camera, which is motion-activated and has added night vision. This camera allows users to get live coverage of their garage from their smartphones. The unit enhances this feature with the myQ smartphone app and its Wi-Fi capabilities. Homeowners are also alerted on movement within the garage directly to their smartphones. Its security features make it appealing for use in Scottsdale.

Chamberlain B4545
Craftsman 2

Craftsman (CMXEOCG471) Chain Drive Opener

The Craftsman CMXEOCG471 makes use of a chain drive reinforced with steel, giving it its rugged capabilities. It is fitted with a 0.5 HP motor that can be used on a large garage door up to 7 feet in height. Its rugged design gives it the ability to withstand frequent use over long periods. Thanks to its smart features and through the myQ app, it can be linked to the user’s smartphone for added functionality. Besides the wireless keypad and two remote controls, it also comes with two safety sensors.

Sommer Direct Drive

Experts recommend that this opener is used with a tall garage door. It uses a direct drive system and a lengthy rail that can handle doors up to 8 feet. Conveniently, it is accompanied by the relevant materials for installation, a remote, a control panel, and safety sensors. Its design has only one moving part and adds to its silent and effortless operation. Scottsdale homeowners can enjoy a lifetime warranty with this opener.

Genie MachForce (4062-TNMSO)

Genie MachForce (4062-TNMSO)

This opener uses screw-drive technology as the basis of its operation, which is effortless, silent, and quick. Its speed is attributed to the powerful 2 HPc DC motor. The Genie MachForce can be utilized with a sizeable garage door up to 7 feet in height. This garage door opener comes with two pre-programmed remotes and a properly lit control panel to be mounted on the wall.


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