Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

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Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

From beginnings in Holmes County, a hub of Amish creativity, Wayne Dalton has grown into a massive manufacturer of exceptionally crafted garage doors. Their hometown prides itself on being small, traditional and tight-knit, and yet Wayne Dalton’s sprawling manufacturing plant seems to fit right in. This in no doubt stems from the great effort put into the design of the plant, from its gorgeous architecture to the determination to have it blend in to the rural landscape. Being grounded in a place where values of hard work, attention to detail and staying humble keeps this company driven to please the customer.

When it comes to the garage doors they sell, their huge range of materials outpaces all of the competition. There are traditional steel and wood options, but they also offer more modern construction, including vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum. This vast selection ensures that all price points can be met and every climate has an option which will stand the test of time. It also ensures that any dreamed up design can be made a reality in a form which works best for the home it is to be installed on.

Three types of commercial sectional door are also available, including aluminum and steel, both insulated and non-insulated. Rolling doors come in five styles, from service doors to grilles, fire doors to counter shutters. Customers can choose between many different materials, colors, and styles, meaning they can easily be ordered to match the business’ current facade. This simplicity of choosing a design is what sets Wayne Dalton apart. They make buying a door so easy that the experience is truly exceptional.

From the innovative drive to exceeding industry standards, Wayne Dalton has made a name for themselves in an industry full of competition. While they may not deliver your new design in a horse and buggy, the Amish values they have grown surrounded by have molded this company into one which can be trusted. When you buy a Wayne Dalton garage door, you know you’ve bought the best.

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